UK Multiple Entry Visa Rules

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You can apply for a multiple entry visa to enter the UK on more than one occasion.

Multiple entry visas are issued for

6 months

2 years

10 years

What is the maximum time I can stay in the UK if I am issued with a 6 month, 2 year or 10 year visa?

Historically an individual could stay in the UK for a maximum period of 6 months in a 12 month period. This is no longer the case. There is no specified maximum period which an individual can spend in the UK in any period. However if it is clear from the individual’s travel history that they are making the UK their home, an application will almost certainly be refused.

When making an application for a multiple entry visit visa, the decision maker will take the following into consideration:

  • the applicant’s previous immigration history – this includes visits to the UK and other countries. If you have complied with the rules of other countries travelled, this is seen as good indicator that you are a genuine visitor to the UK. Travel to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the Schengen countries are also considered when assessing a UK visitor visa. If an applicant has previously failed to comply with another country’s immigration law, a decision maker may conclude an applicant is not a genuine visitor. This naturally depends on the circumstances.

The applicant’s travel history to the UK – this includes how long the applicant has been spending in the UK in the past and how frequently they are returning. A decision maker will make an assessment as to whether the applicant is making the UK their main home.

  • Additionally, the purpose of the visit and intended length of stay stated
  • the number of visits made to the UK over the past 12 months, including the length of they stay on each occasion, the time between each visit.
  • the purpose of the return trip
  • the links the applicant has with their home country

The history of previous applications, for example if the applicant has applied for a spouse visa and has been refused and subsequently makes an application as a visitor

And other evidence/information to show that the individual is using the UK as their main place of residence.