Probate Fees

Probate Fees (for uncontested matters only)

We charge for all of our estate administration services on an hourly rate basis. 

When an individual makes a Will, executors are appointed to administer their estate and ensure the estate passes to the beneficiaries of the Will.  We understand that this is often a challenging time. H&S Solicitors can assist with the process and liaise with the Probate Office, HM Revenue and Customs, and other associated bodies/organisations on your behalf.   

Our fees

Our fees are calculated on time spent.  We will provide you with a fee estimate after a discussion of your circumstances and requirements.  But note this will be an estimate only, and we will write to you again if the costs exceed the fee estimate.


Partners – -£300 – £400 per hour

Consultant Solicitors – £350 – £450 per hour

Associate Solicitors – £300 – £400 per hour

Paralegals – £150.00


VAT at 20% applies where applicable

Key stages and scope of work covered

  • Identifying legally appointed executors or administrators and beneficiaries
  • Valuing the assets and liabilities in the estate
  • Completion of the relevant inheritance and income tax forms and payment of tax
  • Completion of the Probate Registry forms/affidavits/statement of truths to apply for a Grant of Probate
  • Securing the Grant of Representation
  • Collecting in the assets of the estate
  • Settling any debts and liabilities of the estate
  • Preparation of estate accounts; and
  • Distribution of the assets.

The average timescales involved

From the initial consultation to receipt of the Grant of Representation:                    3-9 months

Collecting and distributing the assets:                                                                       3-9 months


The total timescale usually is 6-12 months for the entire process. However, there are additional considerations that could affect the overall timescale:

  • Whether inheritance tax is payable;
  • Type and number of assets in the estate;
  • Whether all beneficiaries are easily identifiable and traceable;
  • Sale of a property (if applicable)
  • Unexpected factors


The table below sets out generally the typical average cost per estate.


Complexity of Estate


Prices start from


Straightforward UK estate

·       Valid Will,

·       a few beneficiaries

·       less than one property

·       No disputes between the beneficiaries on division of assets.  If disputes arise, this is likely to lead to an increase in costs

·       a few bank accounts

·       no claims made against the estate

·       no inheritance tax to pay

·        the value of estate no more than £150,000

£3,000 – £6,000 plus VAT and disbursements

Simple UK estate

·        Valid Will

·        Over £150,000 – £1 million

·        no inheritance tax to pay

·        few beneficiaries

·        a small number of UK assets one UK residential property

£5,000 – £16,000 plus VAT and disbursements

Complex estate

·        Valid Will

·        Inheritance tax liability

·        business assets

·        a wide range of assets and relief sought

£11,000 – £50,000 plus VAT and disbursements

Highly complex estate

·        Valid Will

·        Foreign assets

·        business assets

·        More than one residential property

·        a wide range of assets and beneficiaries resident/domiciled abroad

£15,000 – £100,000 plus VAT and disbursements


Additional considerations that will affect the fees

Other factors or extra work that arise during an estate administration, which will incur additional costs and time involved.

Examples [Note list is not exhaustive]

  • Missing beneficiaries;
  • Missing assets;
  • Disagreements between executors and beneficiaries
  • Complex tax considerations
  • Validity of the Will
  • Tax planning advice
  • Domiciliary

Disbursements (note these are not included the firm’s professional fees)

A disbursement cost is a cost related to your matter. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.  Disbursements include but are not limited to:

Probate Court Fee – £155 plus £1.50 for each additional copy

Swearing of Oath – £5.00 onwards

Land Registry search – £3

Asset search – £162 (inclusive of VAT)

Legal notices to creditors – £200 – £300 plus VAT

Bankruptcy searches – £2 per name searched



Useful links

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