Business, high net worth individuals & entrepreneurs

High Net Worth Individuals and Entrepreneurs find the UK to be the ideal place to settle with their families and operate their businesses from. H & S Solicitors helps those foreign nationals obtain long-term visas to stay in the UK.

Business, high net worth individuals & entrepreneurs

London, one of the world’s most important financial capitals and global trade hub, is the most popular settlement destination for our High Net Worth clients and entrepreneurs. H & S provides investor services for those clients and ensures their capital is well-managed upon arrival to the UK.

Using the points-based system, H & S Solicitors guarantees to help in the application for investor visas in compliance with the UK Government’s rules and regulations. We will guide you through the different options available to you, from the Investor Visa, to the Entrepreneur Visa, to the Business Sponsorship Visa.

Our advisors will also provide tailored advice for those clients wishing to obtain European citizenship, and right to travel visa-free through our International Programs. H & S Solicitors are trained to support their clients in their applications for the Portugal Investor Visa, the St Kitts and Nevis Investor route to Citizenship as well as the Malta Investment Program.

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