Can home office revoke your British Citizenship?

Can home office revoke your British Citizenship?

Can home office revoke your British Citizenship?

Yes, the simple answer to this question is “YES”. It is true that the Home Office can revoke your British Citizenship if you obtained or retained British citizenship by fraud or deception. A foreign national, who had never been a British citizen at birth, is more likely to be affected by this law than a citizen born in the UK. 

The Home Office may choose to question your British Citizenship if you have acquired British Citizenship through fraudulent means. They may revoke your British citizenship if the Home Office has reason to believe you have been dishonest.

Can you have dual citizenship in the United Kingdom? Can home office revoke your British Citizenship based on that?

In the UK, dual citizenship is allowed. This means you can be a British citizen and at the same time have other nationalities, such as Italian or American. Dual citizenship is not a ground for losing British nationality or a British passport.

Can long absence from the UK affect my British nationality?

If you are already a naturalized British citizen, there is no immigration law or residence requirment to maintain your British nationality. Residence requirment only applies to migrants who are planning to apply for indefinite leave to remain. When you apply for ILR, there is a residence requirement which states that you must not be absent from the UK for no more than 180 days in a consecutive 12-month period. Otherwise, your residence will be considered as broken making you ineligible to apply for ILR.